SolidPool Structure

AquaFab, exclusive distributor in Canada presents

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The concrete pool that stands out. Assembly is a real child’s play !

SolidPool Exceptional Concept

  1. A solid and durable structure
    The metal inserts assembled between the blocks ensure a solid structure during pouring of concrete.
  2. Precision finishing
    The interlocking between panels permits a panel joint that is almost invisible.
  3. Level structure
    The assembly soles facilitate the leveling of the blocks.
  4. Concrete pouring
    The internal structure is designed to easily fill the blocks with concrete. The reinforcements are similar to mixer blades which allow the concrete to distribute fluidly.
  5. Rapid assembly with clips 
    The blocks are delivered with red clips which align and assemble the blocks easily. Once all are attached, the structure becomes a single unit.
  6. Clean surface
    When assembled, the blocks are interlocked tightly not allowing any concrete to seep through.

SolidPool blocks allow for a multitude of applications

Blocks for a concrete finish allow for a ceramic finish or concrete coating.

They can also be used with the perforated side on the exterior for inground or semi-inground vinyl liner pools. The exterior can be covered with decorative stone, for example.

Also, both sides can be perforated for concrete semi-inground or above ground projects.

The Advantages of SolidPool

  • SolidPool blocks are made of 80% recycled plastic.
  • Made entirely of plastic, the blocks will never rust or oxidize. This makes it the ideal structure for the use of saltwater sanitation system.
  • Several types of projects are possible: in-ground, semi in-ground, or above ground. With a multitude of wall heights and depths available.
  • Possibility of having a deep end by increasing the wall height.
  • Blocks are lightweight and bind to each other with clips, making assembly easy.
  • Ideal for uneven or sloped landscape.
  • A concrete pool offers superior solidity that will last over time.

Wall heights Available

Note: Blue line shows approximate height of water

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Click here to download the brochure.

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